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Absolute AC and Duct Repair understands the importance of keeping your homes cool all year round. Trust that our knowledge and expertise can assist you in any repair or installation of your Air conditioning, Duct System, and Insulation.

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We Service the Following Brands

We Service the Following Brands

Air Conditioning 

We provide high-quality installation, maintenance, and repair services to your home AC system any time of the year. We work with 14 different carriers that enable us to service many different types of systems for many customers.

Your Air Conditioning system may face issues such as blowing warm air or making unusual sounds and our staff has over 30 years of experience in not only identifying and solving these issues but keeping them from happening again.

We encourage routine maintenance of your A/C systems to ensure there is nothing to prevent them from working when you need them most especially living in warm South Florida.

If you require installation services we want to help you make the right decision based on what is best for your home and budget. We also look to educate you on conservation with your A/C systems to help you save money and energy.

Air Duct Systems

Many signs indicate your Air Duct systems are in need of repair. Excess dust, increased allergy symptoms, or unusual noises can all be signs you need our services to repair your air ducts.

Our staff is highly trained to identify these signs and we guarantee we will fix any issues to make your air ducts work like new. Maintaining these issues is important for the lifespan of your systems and ultimately will save you money in the long run.

There are many factors to consider when you are looking to install a new air duct system into your home such as proper sealing protocol and sizing.

We ensure our staff can execute your air duct installation process properly and to fit your home’s airflow requirements. 


The benefits of installing insulation are abundant. When insulation is present, energy efficiency level increase which refrains hot and cold air from going in and out of your attic.

Insulation helps regulate these issues which will keep your AC at the proper temperatures for the hot and cold months of the year. This also helps with energy conservation which is great for the environment and your wallet.

When insulation is installed in your home the temperatures can remain regular and that will maintain comfort among you and your household members.

We can also provide you professional assistance with removing outdated insulation. It is important to continually monitor your insulation so the heating and cooling systems of your homes can be preserved.

Attic Inspections

Many other AC companies do not want to check your attic before or during service visits. Absolute AC is dedicated to providing free attic inspections to our clients to properly check if everything is working correctly and there are no issues that could potentially harm your air conditioning or air duct systems.

Our AC experts understand that all three of these systems work together simultaneously to keep your home’s temperature regulated.

We are confident in our expertise and knowledge that we can identify any abnormalities that may be occurring in your attic that could ultimately cost you a lot of money in the future.

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