About Us

Absolute AC and Duct Repair have been servicing South Florida forever 30 years. Our staff aims to provide our customers with exceptional and hospitable service that lets them know we are here for them. After many years in the business, we are proud to offer our knowledge and expertise to our clients and we strive to educate them on what is best when it comes to AC repair. 

We are confident that we are the best choice for all of your Air Conditioning, Insulation, Duct Install, Replacement, Service, or Repair needs. Unlike many others, we offer free attic inspection to check current levels of insulation and the condition of the air duct system as it is crucial to the health of your air conditioning system for staying cool. 

Our owner Aileen Martinez is proudly known as the “AC girl” as she is one of the most successful women in the AC Repair field of South Florida. Her and her husband, Leonardo, encourage personable hospitality to all of their customers as they treat everyone like they are part of the family. 

Additionally, we concentrate our efforts to educate and help the community on how to save energy. With rebates provided by local utility companies, we can repair the duct system and upgrade insulation levels to help the customer save energy. 

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